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$75 per person*

Let At Your Request accompany you on a visit to your own local grocery store, to learn the fundamentals of meal planning, efficiently navigating a grocery store, how to select produce, the various types of meat and fish, tips for economizing, and more. This two (2) hour course includes guides for buying organic, proper produce storage, and a healthy pantry checklist. 

*Price does not include grocery/food costs.


Taught in your own kitchen using standard “real world” equipment and tools, learn to prepare a range of basic meals, as well as creative ways to use left-overs for additional meal options—while simultaneously learning fundamental cooking skills, including how to improvise when things don't go as planned.


$100 per person ($85 per person for groups of 4 or more)

When you become at ease and skilled with the most essential of chef's tools, your time in the kitchen will be transformed. In this hands-on class, you will hone basic knife skills, practice the fundamental cuts (mince, dice, brunoise, bâtonnet and julienne), and learn how to keep your knives maintained and sharp—skills you will use every time you cook. This three (3) hour course includes a guide to purchasing a chef’s knife as well as all groceries required for instruction. As an added bonus, we will use the ingredients to create a quick simple meal, so no waste! 


$250 per residence

Are you looking to improve your diet by phasing out the unhealthy, processed items in your kitchen in favor of healthier, whole foods? Is cooking in your kitchen a hassle? Do you have three jars of allspice because you didn’t realize you already had two hiding in the back of your cabinet? Cooking can be fun, but only when you have the right foods on hand, and your kitchen is clean and organized. This three (3) hour service includes a personalized in-home consultation, guidelines for produce storage, a healthy pantry checklist, a list of items every cook should own, and an action plan with concrete steps to move your kitchen from cluttered and inefficient to clean and streamlined. 


$800 per person*

Cooking can definitely be intimidating. What does "sauté" mean? What's the different between dicing and chopping? Which pan should I use? But don't let the words scare you, it’s just food! Taught in your own kitchen using basic, "real world" equipment, an At Your Request cooking coach will provide you with the patient, one-on-one mentor-ship you need to learn fundamental cooking skills, how to prepare a range of basic meals, and how to improvise when something goes wrong. We will cover food safety, basic prep skills, and basic cooking techniques that you can use every day in preparing delicious meals in a relatively short amount of time. This five (5) session package includes up to 4-hours per session, with flexible scheduling; custom designed meals for each session (including options for dietary restrictions); complete recipes with a journal for notes; and an At Your Request tote.

*Price does not include grocery/food costs.  

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